Groups can be a helpful addition to an existing treatment or can stand alone as an effective tool for growth. Group offerings at SelfWorks change throughout the year, so be sure to check our calendar or speak with your individual therapist about the unique ways group participation can benefit you.


Self-Compassion Skills: A Four Week Zoom Group
By Brittany White, Ph.D

At some point we all have that inner voice that tells us we’re not enough, not working hard enough, not performing our best, not giving enough…and the list goes on and on. We all too often treat ourselves with judgment, criticism, and unkindness that leaves us feeling emotionally and physically depleted. Though judgment and self-criticism may come easily, the act of treating ourselves with compassion can often times be much more challenging. Through this four-week skills group, you will learn to recognize the act of self-judgment in your daily life and respond to yourself in a compassionate, more loving way. The group offers step-by-step instructions on how to compassionately respond to yourself, provides a setting in which to practice compassionate responses on yourself and with others, and helps to plan for a more intentional, self-compassionate future.

This will be a weekly, four-week, skills-based group. Each meeting will be 75-minutes and held via Zoom. Time and dates will be determined based on interest and availability of group members. For more information, contact psychologist Brittany White at (917) 524-8082 or


Led By Amy Vigliotti, Ph.D

Our meditation groups teach skills to reduce stress and promote relaxation in body and mind. No prior experience with meditation is required. This group will show you how to be mindful – essentially being present without judgment or criticism. Exercises are adapted from Dr. Amy Vigliotti’s CD, Unwind: Guided Relaxation. Benefits of a regular meditation practice include:

  • Improved physical and emotional health
  • Enhanced ability to focus and concentrate
  • A more accepting, less critical self
  • Stronger commitment to work; less burnout
  • Resiliency after setbacks
  • Compassion for ourselves and others
  • Effective decision-making
  • Remaining mindful of the present, without excessive concern about the past or future
  • Confidence and courage, even in anxiety-producing situations like interviews, performances, public speaking


Safe Place Visualization with Dr. Vigliotti





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