Groups can be a helpful addition to an existing treatment or can stand alone as an effective tool for growth. Group offerings at SelfWorks change throughout the year, so be sure to check our calendar or speak with your individual therapist about the unique ways group participation can benefit you.


Interpersonal Relationship Skills: A Weekly Zoom Group
By Anna Gurgenidze and Jess Eddy

Working in group therapy provides opportunities to learn more about how you see yourself in the world and how others see and experience you. Under the guidance of two trained psychologists, members of this group will first focus on building trust and openness within the group, and later begin working on developing insight into how they engage with each other and other important people in their lives. As a member of this group, you will learn more about why you struggle in certain friendships, romantic and family dynamics, and discover ways to improve important relationships in your life. You can expect to develop more confidence in meeting new people, find more freedom to be authentically yourself in everyday life, develop skills around resolving interpersonal conflicts, and become more confident in exercising appropriate boundaries with others. Interpersonal skills acquired in this group will extend well beyond improving relationships, affecting positive change in how members feel about themselves and their abilities to reach personal goals.

This will be an ongoing weekly Zoom meeting where members are encouraged to stay for as long as the group continues to serve as a catalyst for emotional growth and meaningful change. The group will consist of 8-10 individuals. Contact Psychologists Anna Gurgenidze (845-694-7221) or Jess Eddy (917-740-3201) for more information.


Burnout and Balance Support Group
By Afshan Mohamedali, Ph.D

Whether we are new in our fields or been in it for years, we can all relate to stress and the struggle to find balance. Sometimes that stress reaches a height that calls for a new label entirely. Exhausted but you can’t sleep? Dread the idea of going to work and can barely remember why you loved it in the first place? Can’t concentrate or get anything done? No – it’s not laziness. It’s burnout.

Earlier this year, the World Health Organization recognized burnout as an occupational phenomenon. Of course, many of us didn’t need that official recognition to know that burnout is a real thing. In this small, 12-week group, you will recognize your own symptoms of burnout and regain your balance. You will receive support from others in a safe, trusting, environment, and rediscover your purpose and meaning in your work.

The group will be facilitated by Afshan Mohamedali, Ph.D, a psychologist who works closely with patients in finding their unique balance between professional and personal lives. Each participant will meet with Afshan initially in private to discuss her/his/their concerns and goals for the group.

The group will be held at SelfWorks, 150 East 58th Street, 21st Floor, between Lex-3rd Avenues on Wednesday evenings.

To register for this group, please contact Afshan at: (516)308-1551 or


You Have To Calm Down: A DBT-Informed Group for Adolescents
By Easton Gaines, Psy.D

Emotions can sometimes feel overwhelming. Are you looking for different ways to manage these intense feelings? In this group, adolescents will learn specific techniques they can use in the moment to understand and gain control of their emotions, communicate effectively with others, and increase their resilience. Our group is interactive and packed with mindfulness, games, and role-playing activities. It is recommended for students who would like extra support coping with difficult life events, maintaining relationships, or thinking and behaving in a balanced way.

This small, 16-week group will focus on:

  • Mindfulness skills: Being fully aware and present in the moment to understand the signs of unregulated emotions.
  • Emotion regulation skills: Coping with difficult situations by building pleasant, self-soothing experiences to protect from emotional extremes.
  • Interpersonal effectiveness skills: Since our lives are shaped by those around us, it is important to understand how to interact and be supported by others.
  • Distress tolerance skills: Dealing with and tolerating unpleasant emotions.

Participants of our group are able to better define life goals, build self-respect, maintain relationships and find peace and happiness. Participants are able to find greater success in school and with peer relationships.

The group will be facilitated by Easton Gaines, Psy.D, a psychologist who specializes in working with adolescents on emotional regulation. Each participant and their family will meet with Easton initially in private to discuss their concerns and goals for the group.

The group will be held at SelfWorks, 1140 Broadway, Suite 204, between 26th and 27th on Fridays at 4:00 PM.

To register for this group, please contact Easton at: (917) 524-8863 or


Babies over 35: A Therapy Group for Late-Blooming Parents
By Natasha Stovall, Ph.D

New York City can be a great place to be an “older” parent, but finding your rhythm amongst twenty- or early thirty-something parents can be difficult. Having children later in life brings a host of unique joys and frictions. You’ve enjoyed your independence and are a little more knowledgeable, secure and patient as a result. Yet you may find yourself less eager to give up your freedom, easily tired (“my back!”), and vulnerable to feeling out of sync with your friends with older kids or other parent circles.

People come to late-in-life parenthood by many paths: some by choice and some with little control over the timing. Each parent’s unique story can shed light and clarity to the challenges facing individual group members and the group as a whole.

In this 16-week group, you will receive support and compassionate feedback from others who can empathize with the tasks of parenthood. You will be encouraged to reflect on the impact of parenthood on your identity; key relationships; career; hopes; fears; expectations and goals.

Dr. Natasha Stovall, our ParentWorks director, will lead the group. You can learn more about Natasha here. Each participant will meet with Natasha initially in private to discuss her/his/their concerns and goals for the group.


High-Wire Parenting: A Therapy Group for Parents of Children with Special Needs
By Natasha Stovall, Ph.D

Having a child with special needs can make parenting feel like a high-wire act: incredibly rewarding and nerve-wrackingly stressful. While “normie” parenting requires multiple hats, special needs parenting requires a Broadway show’s worth of costume changes and substitute players to keep up with the unpredictability of the production. Parents often share that they need to quickly acquire information to support their child’s wide range of needs. For example, parents taken on the role of legal advocate; night nurse; learning specialist; department of education advocate; medical doctor; therapist; social worker; social skills “decoder” and coach.
Parents of children with chronic medical, learning, and social/emotional challenges are the caretakers par-excellence, and as a result, they often pay a high price in their own self-care and health. Studies have shown that parents of “atypical” children have higher levels of stress; difficulty coping; trouble maintaining their sense of hopefulness and joy; higher rates of divorce; and higher rates of physical illness.

In this 16-week group, you will receive compassionate support; share ideas; and explore the impact of having a child with special needs. You will be encouraged to reflect on your identity; key relationships; career; hopes; fears; expectations and goals. You will cultivate strategies for regular self-care and self-compassion; problem-solve; and share knowledge, strategies and resources. Moreover, you are welcomed to set individual goals and co-create a social network who can nurture these goals beyond the group meetings.

Dr. Natasha Stovall, our ParentWorks director, will lead the group. Learn more about Natasha here. Each participant will meet with Natasha initially in private to discuss her/his/their concerns and goals for the group.


Led By Amy Vigliotti, Ph.D

Our meditation groups teach skills to reduce stress and promote relaxation in body and mind. No prior experience with meditation is required. This group will show you how to be mindful – essentially being present without judgment or criticism. Exercises are adapted from Dr. Amy Vigliotti’s CD, Unwind: Guided Relaxation. Benefits of a regular meditation practice include:

  • Improved physical and emotional health
  • Enhanced ability to focus and concentrate
  • A more accepting, less critical self
  • Stronger commitment to work; less burnout
  • Resiliency after setbacks
  • Compassion for ourselves and others
  • Effective decision-making
  • Remaining mindful of the present, without excessive concern about the past or future
  • Confidence and courage, even in anxiety-producing situations like interviews, performances, public speaking


Safe Place Visualization with Dr. Vigliotti





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