Psychotherapy is not easily described in broad statements and our approach is tailored to your individual needs. You will talk about your concerns, wishes, needs, and intentions, both now and in the past. There are many reasons why this is important and essential to the therapeutic process. Ordinarily, people don’t talk about lots of things because they are too personal, or because they would hurt other people’s feelings, or for some other similar reasons.  You will find that with us, you will be able to talk about anything that comes to your mind. The problem most people have in making decisions is not that they don’t know enough, but that they never have had the opportunity of talking things over with someone who doesn’t try to make their decisions for them. Talking about the past can help shed light on the relationships and experiences that have shaped you. You will draw connections between your past and present experiences that will bring about healthy thoughts, self-worth and a new perspective.




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