SelfWorks’ corporate meditation programs can improve your business’ goals by fostering the health, productivity and direction of your staff. Simply put, meditation helps bring people into the present moment with a calm self-awareness that is free of judgment and self-criticism. Meditations can be taught to groups large and small. We bring interactive, engaging and readily-applicable tools to your employees so you can experience the direct benefits of a meditation practice. Meditation has been repeatedly shown to improve productivity, performance and workplace satisfaction and companies report reduced sick days, health care utilization and absenteeism. Additionally, meditation improves processing speed and focus, while decreasing task effort and distractibility. Since adopting its own meditation program, Aetna estimates a $2,000 per employee savings in healthcare costs and a $3,000 per employee gain in productivity. Through their own research, companies are backing up the academic and medical science we have known for decades.

Meditation has its roots in traditional Eastern practices, but the secularization of the practice has made it accessible to people of all backgrounds and cultures. While it’s been around for thousands of years, we may need meditation more than ever. People are burdened with information overload and the expectation of being boundlessly connected through our current technology. This is the perfect storm for unmanageable stress and early burnout. With its ease of use, at your desk or on the subway platform, meditation promises sound results in its ability to ground us in the present moment and break the obsessive cycle of Twitter, Facebook or that endless to-do list.


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