Improve your business by fostering the health,
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When your employees thrive, so does your business.

Participating in our workshops can foster a more supportive and empathetic workplace culture by enhancing employees’ emotional intelligence and communication skills. This improvement often leads to better team dynamics, reduced conflicts, innovative initiatives, healthy problem-solving, and increased collaboration. As employees learn to navigate and manage their emotions effectively, they become more resilient in handling workplace stressors in a healthy and efficient manner, which ultimately boosts overall productivity and job satisfaction.

Participating in our workshops demonstrates a commitment to employees’ well-being, signaling that the organization values their mental health and development. This proactive approach not only helps in retaining talent but also attracts prospective employees looking for workplaces that prioritize holistic growth and support. Additionally, by promoting mental health awareness and providing tools for stress management, businesses can potentially reduce absenteeism and healthcare costs associated with stress-related illnesses. Ultimately, our custom workshops can yield a healthier, more engaged workforce that drives sustained business success and growth.


"We had the pleasure of hosting the "Big Feelings: Little Bodies" parenting workshop at The Play Lab led by an exceptional instructor Amy Vigliotti who brought profound knowledge and warmth to the session. Amy's expertise in child psychology and parenting strategies was evident from the outset, creating an engaging and supportive atmosphere for all participants. We wholeheartedly recommend Amy's workshops to any parent seeking practical guidance and emotional support in navigating the ups and downs of parenting with compassion and curiosity. "
"Dr.Vigliotti is a truly gifted psychologist and meditation and mindfulness teacher for patients and professionals alike. Her in-depth training in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy at the Derner Institute of Adelphi University, combined with her own exploration and practice of meditation and relaxation (including the teachings of Jon Kabat-Zinn), enables her both to impart an understanding of the biopsychosocial origins and physiology of anxiety and depression and to treat them through a variety of exercises and techniques. I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Amy Vigliotti as a remarkable therapist and teacher."
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Our Workshops

Staying Steady Through Uncertainty

Do you get caught in a ‘what if’ cascade or struggle to stay focused in the present moment because of the swirl around you? Learn Skills and strategies to “ride the wave” of unpredictable circumstances with resilience and composure, rather than struggling against the current. We will engage you in simple, effective techniques to manage stress and anxiety proactively. This workshop cultivates a mindset of adaptability and offers practical tools to maintain emotional stability amid uncertainty. Gain insights into how to leverage uncertainty as an opportunity for personal and professional growth, fostering a proactive approach to challenges rather than being overwhelmed by them. 
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Embracing Purpose

Participants will learn strategies to identify their core values, strengths, and passions, and how to integrate these elements into meaningful goals and actions. The workshop includes exercises aimed at clarifying one’s sense of purpose and fostering a deeper understanding of how purpose can drive motivation and satisfaction. Participants also explore practical steps to contribute positively to their organizations and communities, and how to lead more purposeful and fulfilling lives both personally and professionally.

Financial Planning: Breaking Down Barriers to your Financial Health

Gain valuable insights and skills to take control of your financial well-being. We cover topics such as budgeting, saving strategies, debt management, and investment basics. Learn how to set financial goals and create actionable plans to achieve them, while also addressing common barriers that hinder financial stability. Emphasis is placed on developing a healthy relationship with money, understanding financial terminology, and making informed decisions about personal finance. When employees have a strong grasp of their financial health and goals, they are able to participate more constructively in career conversations; optimize their company benefits, and feel more appreciation for their employer’s benefits. 

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A Mindful Minute

Discover the power of mindfulness with a 30-minute exercise designed to cultivate present-moment awareness, reduce stress, and enhance overall well-being. Explore how mindfulness can improve focus, regulate emotions, and foster a greater sense of calm amid the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Big Feelings: Little Bodies Parenting Workshops

This parenting workshop series is designed for parents of children aged 0-7. Young children need steady parents. When parents have the language and the skills to absorb big feelings, young children feel seen, safe and understood. These workshops address both parent and child anxieties, promote emotional regulation, and foster social-emotional development. Additionally, parents will learn mindfulness techniques to remain present and calm during challenging moments and prepare for significant developmental milestones such as potty training or starting school.

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Refashioning Yourself After Cancer

This workshop is designed for cancer survivors, thrivers, and their families, offering support for thriving after a life-changing diagnosis. Participants will explore practical strategies for embracing physical, emotional, and psychological changes while building resilience and self-compassion. The workshop will provide guidance on managing body image concerns, navigating social interactions, and finding new sources of strength and joy. Through interactive sessions, expert insights, and a supportive community, attendees will be empowered to move forward with confidence and renewed purpose. 

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