Travis Nair, Intern

Travis NairI am a clinical psychology doctoral student at the Derner Center for Advanced Psychological Services at Adelphi University. At its core, in line with SelfWorks’ philosophy, I view therapy as an opportunity for positive psychological change—both in addressing difficulties and maximizing wellbeing. I practice integrative approaches that combine evidence-based modalities to best fit individual needs and what clients feel would be most helpful. My collaborative approach has a strong emphasis on client autonomy while sharing humility, curiosity, and empathic reflection.

Prior to SelfWorks, I worked as an intern at the New Hope Mental Health Counseling Services. There I saw school-aged children, adolescents, families, couples, and adults with varied backgrounds, experiences, and therapy needs. In addition to my role as therapist, I have completed research examining children and young adults’ attachment relationships, empathy, adverse life experiences, meaning in life, and adjustment/emotional difficulties. These research findings have shaped my understanding of individual differences, contextual factors like family relationships, and sources of strength and resilience, and this perspective has strengthened my therapeutic knowledge and ability to be an effective therapist to many. 

About me personally: I was born and raised in NYC. I love nature, dabble in guitar, and enjoy watercolor and drawing.




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