Susan Morgenstein, LMSW, CSW

Susan Morgenstein, LMSW, CSWI feel that one of the most important facets of psychodynamic psychotherapy is the therapeutic relationship. In this very important connection between therapist and client, a sense of safety and trust is fostered. Out of trust comes an ability to share any thoughts and feelings, even those that may be uncomfortable, so that self–discovery leads to meaningful insight. There is no area that is taboo or unspeakable. I am interested in helping clients tap into their innate resilience, even when they may not be aware of it. Ultimately, I want my clients to grow and experience more freedom from the challenges that have prevented them from moving forward and experiencing pleasure. This is done within a supportive, nurturing and caring environment. Together, through an interactive process, we are working together to uncover, understand, and ultimately implement change and healing.

I am a social worker who has worked with adults and children from different socio-economic backgrounds and different sexual orientations. I have worked with clients who have anxiety, depression, mood disorders, as well as clients dealing with issues related to the crisis of a cancer diagnosis such as bereavement, loss and grieving. I also have expertise in working with clients who have experienced sexual assault and sexual trauma.

I have raised my own family and believe that life experience has provided me with many rich and varied encounters to draw from. I received my Master’s Degree in Social work at NYU and attended Sarah Lawrence college for my undergraduate years. Currently, while working at SelfWorks, I am also a candidate at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy’s 2 Year Psychodynamic Psychotherapy program.




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