Ran Xu, Intern

Ran Xu, Intern

One of my core values as a therapist is to guide my patients towards building lives worth living. I believe that understanding deeper layers of one’s thoughts, feelings, and experiences can unearth valuable insights into one’s current challenges. This understanding forms the cornerstone of my integrative approach, where I weave evidence-based techniques with the richness of psychodynamic theory. Beyond addressing symptoms, I am dedicated to providing a warm and empowering environment that will help individuals cultivate resilience, meaningful connections, and a sense of purpose, working collaboratively towards the positive changes that each individual desires.

My desire to pursue mental health practice and advocacy emerged during my pursuit of my bachelor’s degree in psychology from New York University. Later, I obtained my master’s degree in clinical psychology from Columbia University, where I was able to foster and cultivate not only my passion for therapeutic practice, but also for psychological research. I am currently a doctoral student at Adelphi University. Prior to joining SelfWorks, I’ve worked in research exploring emotion regulation and suicidality, as well as help-seeking behavior in online settings. I have also engaged in non-profit work that provided support and resources for families of a loved one with Borderline Personality Disorder. I work from a culturally-competent framework, fostering a genuine space for individuals from a variety of backgrounds.

Aside from my work, I enjoy art, classic literature, photographing up-and-coming musicians at local venues on film, and dogs!




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