Nick Galef, PsyD

Nick Galef, PsyDI view psychotherapy as a process of getting to know yourself, a notion that might feel like a risk, but which can be well worth the reward. I have found that people seek therapy out of a sense of stuck-ness: feeling painfully alienated from what they desire, torn between conflicting impulses, and stuck with a version of themselves that has left them confused and dissatisfied. Each person’s story is unique, however, and you and I will work together to understand just how you have gotten to where you are today and what is getting in the way of you progressing to where you would like to be. My approach to psychotherapy tends to be curious, warm, and focused on helping you to find new ways of understanding your current predicament and your reaction to it. Through careful listening and collaborative exploration, our work will help to illuminate how old wounds and ways of surviving have restricted your ability to feel, work, love, and even play freely.

Moments of vulnerability in psychotherapy can be opportunities to withdraw and shut down, or they can be opportunities for introspection and transformation – I pay close attention to each patient’s needs, wishes, and fears in order to help steer you towards the latter outcome. I believe that an open, non-judgmental space in which to express the full range of your experiences is essential for personal growth. It is a powerful thing to learn experientially that you can survive any corner of your mind.

I have experience treating people with depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress, bipolar disorder, psychosis, and various other illnesses including disorders of sleep, eating, and substance use. Additionally, I have worked with grief, relationship and occupational dissatisfaction, family issues, as well as difficulty adjusting to one’s own or a loved one’s medical illness. I have been fortunate to work not just with a variety of mental health concerns, but also with people from diverse ethnic, religious, gender/sex, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

I received my doctorate in clinical psychology from the Graduate Institute of Professional Psychology at the University of Hartford. Before joining SelfWorks, I worked and trained at a variety of clinical settings such as community mental health clinics, college counseling centers, and inpatient and outpatient units at hospitals affiliated with Mount Sinai, Columbia, and Penn.

I look forward to the opportunity to work together.




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