Natasha Stovall, Ph.D

Natasha Stovall, Ph.DI am an adult and child clinical psychologist with a wide range of experience helping people of all ages work through life’s difficulties. I prioritize humor, warmth and empathy in my sessions, while drawing primarily from psychodynamic, mindfulness, existential and cognitive behavioral (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) techniques. Whether it is anxiety, depression, life transitions, relationship issues, career challenges, school issues, behavior problems, loss or trauma, I use an engaging, direct, and interactive approach to clarify problems, minimize negative patterns, and alleviate painful symptoms and situations. I am also the Director of ParentWorks and specialize in helping people navigate the joyful, thorny and often overwhelming challenges of parenthood.

A core element of my work is helping people of all ages strengthen their capacities for healthy self-reflection and positive coping, so that their problematic patterns diminish and their creative growth blossoms. At times, this can require delving into past experiences to find the root of chronic challenges such as sadness, worry, anger, obsessions, difficulty with attention, and problems with intimate relationships. As we work, these areas of repetitive stagnation loosen and dissipate, allowing us to focus on ways to expand yourself, your relationships, your work and your life, and develop strategies to make lasting change happen.

In tailoring therapy for a particular person, I am always guided by my client’s goals and desires, while also keeping in mind the universal aspects of healthy living and wellness. With kids and teens, this tailored, goal-oriented framework also applies, with an added focus on developing warm and respectful relationships; vibrant self-esteem; and confidence in their own innate and learned abilities.

Throughout my work with people across ethnic, socioeconomic and educational backgrounds, genders, sexualities and life experiences, I have seen how therapy increases people’s ability to live more fully and authentically, while freeing them from distressing symptoms and patterns that have previously seemed unchangeable. I am grateful for the opportunities I have had to witness again and again people’s tremendous capacity for positive change through the creative process of therapy.




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