Megan Lothian, LMSW

Megan Lothian, LMSWI work with children, adolescents, and adults, addressing a wide range of clinical issues including anxiety disorders, mood disorders, relationship/family issues, self-esteem and body image difficulties, and interpersonal and complex trauma.

As a social worker and trauma-informed clinician, I focus on understanding the entirety of the person and their environment, not just the presenting symptoms that can often bring people into therapy. Some of the focus, therefore, may be on the sociocultural systems which have influenced someone’s upbringing and identity. My approach is considered relational and psychodynamic – which means I believe our therapeutic working relationship and your significant relationships are the key to reparative healing.

Through the process of curious and non-judgmental exploration of feelings, thoughts, actions and relational patterns, in the presence of another, I wholeheartedly believe that we can gain more empathy and compassion for ourselves, for others, and can build a greater capacity for coping with challenges.

I have extensive post-graduate training with children, adolescents, and their families, and recently completed The William Alanson White Institute’s three-year Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy Program. I bring clinical experience from multiple settings with children including: the NYC public school system, inpatient child psychiatry, outpatient, residential, and community-led family programs. I strive to collaborate with families, schools and other important people in a child’s environment in order to maximize support for children and teens, and to promote lasting change.

A little about me:
I was born in England and spent time growing up in the UK, and just outside of NYC in New Jersey. I received my Master’s Degree from NYU Silver School of Social Work, and I attended Loyola University in Baltimore for my BA in Psychology and Studio Art. As a once-competitive rower in high school and college, I now enjoy running and attending various workout classes throughout the city, and in my spare time love exploring art museums, painting, spending time at the beach (with a good book!), and traveling. While at SelfWorks, I am continuing my post-graduate education at The William Alanson White Institute in the Eating Disorders, Compulsions & Addictions Program.

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