Maria Shifrin, Ph.D

Maria Shifrin, Ph.DI am an adult and adolescent psychologist with extensive training in both psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral treatment. My expertise helps a wide range of individuals during life transitions, such as romantic relationships/marriage; infertility; separation/divorce; loss/bereavement; retirement; career choices/changes; and military enlistment/deployment. I am also a strong advocate for maternal mental healthcare and work with women with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders and maternal depression and anxiety.

I am actively engaged in the therapeutic process with my clients and strive to uniquely tailor the treatment to the individual’s needs. Through empathic listening, warmth, humor, and genuine engagement, I help people to gain insight into unhelpful patterns of thinking and feeling which may have been largely operating outside of their awareness. It is this insight, as well as the therapeutic journey in achieving it, which together builds a greater sense of control and allows for the emotional freedom and confidence necessary for transformation.

I am formally trained in Brief Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT), a time-limited (16 session) psychodynamic psychotherapy developed by Alessandra Lemma, Mary Target and Peter Fonagy to address depression and anxiety with depressed mood.  I work together with my clients to connect their presenting symptoms with current relational patterns by identifying core beliefs about self and others, and expectations of relationships based on past experiences.  The intervention also aims to increase ones’ capacity to reflect and be mindful of their own and others’ mental states. DIT is a collaborative, engaged and directive process with the therapeutic relationship at its center.

I hold a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Adelphi University-Derner School of Advanced Psychological Studies and an undergraduate degree in psychology from New York University. I completed my internship at the VA Harbor Healthcare System in Manhattan and stayed on staff to continue my work with veterans before joining SelfWorks.




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