Heidi Besse, Ph.D

Heidi Besse, Ph.D

Making the decision to come to therapy is courageous. You may be feeling overwhelmed, depressed, anxious, or alone. Perhaps you are coping with childhood trauma or trying to make sense of a complicated relationship in your life. Maybe you are in the process of adjusting to change or are feeling stuck by the lack of change. Life’s unpredictability can be tough to navigate, and it’s normal to feel a range of painful feelings.

Whatever brings you to our sessions, my goal is to create a warm, collaborative, and non-judgmental environment where you will feel safe and supported as you dig deep and explore your innermost experience. I use humor and compassion — as well as supportive challenge — to  foster teamwork and trust. Our sessions will be spent helping you make sense of difficult experiences and identifying patterns that don’t serve you. Together, we will use this insight to create a roadmap for meaningful change.

My integrative approach incorporates psychodynamic and attachment-focused methods that are all grounded in evidence-based practice. Ultimately, I focus on getting to know you and your needs. This tailored approach is effective for a wide range of difficulties such as anxiety, depression, trauma, parenting struggles, self-esteem issues, relationship and family concerns, school-related difficulties, bereavement, and career transitions. While I work with individuals across the lifespan struggling with a wide range of difficulties, I hold specialized experience in working with adolescents and adults with traumatic childhood experiences.

As Director of Clinical Training, I also supervise clinicians in training. Having completed my post-doctoral training at SelfWorks, I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the rich and supportive learning environment.

A bit about me: I was born and raised in Canada, and moved to New York City to pursue my doctorate at Fordham University. As a psychologist, I have worked in many different clinical capacities across New York City, including college counseling centers, child/adolescent and adult inpatient and outpatient settings. Outside of work, I love to spend my time cooking elaborate meals and spending time outside with friends and family. In true Vancouver fashion, nothing makes me happier than when I am hiking a mountain or swimming in the ocean.




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