Ann Jeffrey, LMSW

Ann Jeffrey LMSW

In my view, there is nothing quite like therapy in terms of promoting emotional wellbeing. I take an active role, in the sense that I bring my whole self into the therapy room and show curiosity and deep interest in my patient. I facilitate connections from past events to current feelings to develop understanding and self-compassion. Freedom from some of the restrictions and judgments we carry with us can be life changing and life affirming. Ultimately, I provide a safe environment where your actions, goals and relationships can be explored, named, and given meaning.

I am comfortable working with the depth of experiences that are a typical part of trauma, illness, loss, surgery/hospitalizations and dying. I have sat at many patients’ bedsides, often holding their hands, and talking through difficult feelings and worries related to family, sickness, faith, hope, regrets, and dreams filled and lost. This training, provided through the Foundations Program in Contemplative Care at the New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care, has deepened my ability to treat others with unhindered compassion.

I am also interested in working with individuals who want to focus on their careers. I have spent many years as an executive recruiter, helping organizations find the right executive talent. This has involved working closely with candidates, helping them with their resumes and cover letters and shepherding them through what is often a long and arduous interview process.

I enjoy working with individuals of all backgrounds and want to ease the varying transitions and challenges that come across the lifespan. I have recently studied the topics of mindfulness, binge eating disorder, body dysmorphia, HAES (health at every size), alcoholism and substance abuse, as well as issues facing the transgender population.

I completed my Masters’ degree in Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis and interned at the Family Counseling Center in Belleville, Illinois. After moving to New York, I completed a two-year training program in psychoanalytically-oriented therapy at the American Institute for Psychoanalysis, followed by two years of training in psychoanalysis. During this period I worked with patients privately and at the Karen Horney Clinic.

I grew up in Maine, and currently live in Park Slope, Brooklyn, along with my husband and two cats. I am the mother to two young adults and in my spare time enjoy running, cooking, photography, reading and being with friends.




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