Alla Sheynkin, Psy.D

Alla Sheynkin, Psy.DI have always been drawn to psychodynamic therapy because I believe that we as human beings are infinitely complex with rich internal lives.  It can be painful, confusing and lonely to negotiate the intricacies of our dynamic society and its competing needs and wishes. Some people are able to accept their impulses, fantasies and thoughts and channel them into productive actions, successfully engaging in self-advocacy within various contexts.  Others may direct difficult feelings onto themselves or others, which can manifest in eating disorders, addictions, psychosomatic and mood disorders.  

Philosophies from around the world remind us that nothing is constant, that everything changes from moment to moment, that you’ll never step in the same river twice.  Yet bringing about change in our lives, routines and relationships is difficult and often painful.  We try to avoid and escape those thoughts, emotions and situations, which cause us the most pain for as long as possible.  With an empathic understanding of these powerful forces, I help patients make the changes they want while respecting the pace they need. I accept who they are in a given moment and appreciate how previous and current relationships have shaped their sense of self and sense of what’s possible.

Prior to becoming a psychologist, I was a special education teacher, concentrating on autism spectrum disorders. I have a deep respect for the dynamics and culture of individual family units. This was gained from my experience with children of all ages, with parents and families, in the capacity of an educator and a psychologist. I value the work of helping others find their voice within a family, within an interpersonal or intimate relationship, and within a complex and diverse society, and supporting them through the new challenges presenting at each developmental stage of life.  Co-constructing a narrative of one’s life experiences, understanding the underlying causes of emotional pain incurred along the way, and the consequent ways of being are at the forefront of the long- and short-term psychoanalytically-informed treatment I provide.

With warmth, humor and curiosity toward each patient, my approach is to assess immediate and ongoing goals, and the appropriate therapeutic modality, while considering the mind-body connection and the toll emotional pain can take on the body.  Most importantly, I want my patients to come to feel free to be who they are.     




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