Afshan Mohamedali, Ph.D

Afshan Mohamedali, Ph.DI firmly believe that we are products of our own experiences but that does not imply that we are meant to be stagnant. Identity is fluid, as is the narrative we have of ourselves. My goal with patients is to offer a compassionate environment marked by trust and belonging, a space to process the past and create a new understanding of it. In working with me, patients recognize that even the subtlest of shifts can lead to an improved outlook on life and lasting change. The therapeutic relationship is the most important tool in this work. It is the most accessible relationship we can discuss in the room but also telling of dynamics outside the office, past and present.

I enjoy working with patients with issues related to personality, identity, diversity, and self-image. Being genuine creates a place for me to be more present and engaged in session. I often employ humor and metaphor and invite patients to do the same or develop their own language for their experiences. Most importantly, I encourage patients to stay curious about themselves, the work, and me.

My experience in psychotherapy stems from a number of settings, including Derner’s Center for Psychological Services, Beth Israel Medical Center’s adult inpatient unit, NYU’s college counseling center, and Nassau University Medical Center’s outpatient clinic and inpatient units. At these sites, I have had the chance to work with patients in both a short-term and long-term framework, individually and in group, varying in their presentations and other factors of diversity. I received my doctorate at Adelphi University’s Derner School of Advanced Psychological Studies, my master’s degree from Columbia University, and my bachelor’s from Montclair State University.




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