Afshan Mohamedali, Ph.D

Afshan Mohamedali, Ph.DA strong relationship between a therapist and patient can be the most healing and lead to the most success in treatment. To gain insight into the repeating patterns patients find themselves in and eventually break out of them, I offer a compassionate environment marked by trust and belonging, a space to process the past and create a new, and still accurate, understanding of it. I help patients recognize their own agency in seemingly-impossible situations and impart a sense that shifts in thinking help with shifts in action, resulting in an improved outlook on life and lasting change. I also encourage patients to reflect on their own inner conflicts, and through fostering self-compassion, insight, and integration, these conflicts can be resolved.

I am not a silent therapist and take joy in working mutually with patients on issues related to confidence and self-image, identity, thought processes, and emotional experiences. I also work with patients presenting with symptoms of anxiety, mood, trauma, and relationship difficulties. I often employ humor and metaphor and invite patients to do the same or develop their own language for their experiences. Most importantly, I encourage patients to remain curious about themselves and the work.

A little about me: I grew up in New Jersey and didn’t settle too far from home. However, I love to travel, read recipes, and appreciate cheesy humor and puns. I received my doctorate at Adelphi University’s Derner School of Advanced Psychological Studies, my master’s degree from Columbia University, and my bachelor’s from Montclair State University. Before joining SelfWorks, I worked at Derner’s Center for Psychological Services, Beth Israel Medical Center’s adult inpatient unit, NYU’s college counseling center, and Nassau University Medical Center’s outpatient clinic and inpatient units.




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