Family therapy is a form of treatment involving several or all family members in therapy sessions. Sessions allow individuals to better understand their thoughts, feelings and actions and how these interact and impact others in their family. When children are involved in the treatment, therapists may facilitate arts, games, role-plays, and other age-appropriate activities to engage the children, while also collaborating with the family as a whole. The goal is to increase the family’s ability to bounce back after setbacks, utilize effective and collaborative problem-solving, and view each other as safe, trustworthy and reliable.

We serve heterosexual, same-sex and transgender families and couples. We can help with issues including, but not limited to, grief; divorce; infidelity/betrayal; child and adolescent development; parenting; talking with children about adoption; learning disabilities; attention difficulties; medical illness; emotion regulation; blending families; child abuse and neglect; oppositional defiant behaviors; conduct disorders; self-harm; trauma; and anxiety.




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