Woman Looking Out Window - Understanding Depression

Understanding Depression Beyond Biology

by Allison Abrams, LCSW-R

A multitude of factors contribute to the development of clinical depression. Originally published on Psychology Today When it comes to the etiology of clinical depression, the question most often asked is: Is it biological or environmental? The answer to this question, according to Dr. Myrna Weissman, professor of epidemiology in psychiatry at the Columbia University Irving Medical Center is: “yes.” Depression isn’t simply environmental or biological. It is both. “There are a number of factors involved.” Says Weissman. “Temperament, personality traits, self-esteem, negative outlook, early losses, genes, family history, changes in brain structure, medical problems, certain medications, hormones, all contribute.” …

Why Some People Get Depressed After Surgery

Why Some People Get Depressed After Surgery—Even if They’ve Recovered Just Fine

Originally posted on • by Shabnaj Chowdhury • February 06, 2019 Postoperative depression is a common complication of surgery, though it’s rarely talked about. In November of last year, after having surgery to remove abnormal cells from her cervix, 27-year-old Emma Wolf felt, well, depressed. The surgery, though invasive, was a minor one. In fact, her doctor told her a day of rest would be all she needed to feel like herself again. She wasn’t warned, however, about the lingering emotional effects that would last for weeks. “I felt disconnected from my own body,” Wolf tells Health. “I had a sense …





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