Forgiveness, Healing, and the Power of Compassion

by Allison Abrams, LCSW-R

By letting go of grudges, you’re not simply letting the other person off the hook— you’re taking a step toward a healthier mind and body Originally published on Goodtherapy Forgiveness: one of those necessary evils in life. The stubborn, self-righteous child inside of you will do anything to avoid it; but, as the saying goes, to not do so is to slowly poison yourself while secretly hoping the other person dies. By holding on to grudges and hurts, the only one you are poisoning is yourself. The poison being hatred and anger, two dangerous emotions that haven’t been known to …

The Ugly Dance of Contempt by Jett Stone, Ph.D

The Ugly Dance of Contempt

by Jett Stone, Ph.D

Eye rolls, sighs, snorts and tongue clicks, lip curls, sarcasm, trolling tweets and silent treatment. These are the sights and sounds of contempt. The lopsided sneer makes for the only asymmetrical human facial expression, and is cold heartedly clear in its message to recipients: I’m up here. You’re down there. Contempt is a display of smug superiority over an unworthy person or party. Contemptuous people exclude and dismiss others as irreconcilably inferior or flawed. Marriage researcher John Gottman and his University of Washington team famously found contemptuous communication between couples to be the biggest predictor of romantic relationship collapse. Gottman …





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