Career counseling can be a healthy addition and support at any stage in one’s career. At SelfWorks, your professional life is treated with patience, focus and priority, while understanding and respecting its impact on family, social and financial relationships. We work with people from young adults to seasoned professionals who are established and respected in their fields. Using a broad psychological and practical lens, sessions can explore career goals, personal strengths/weaknesses, qualifications and interests. SelfWorks’ clinicians can point out faulty assumptions, blind spots and hindering behaviors that are standing in the way of success.

From the first meeting, our therapists collaborate to set clear, attainable goals. Common objectives might be to find new employment; launch one’s own business; expand a department or division with a company; negotiate effectively; hone management skills; improve interpersonal communication; minimize performance and/or social anxiety; promote self-confidence; enhance marketing and self-promotion; create financial security; and handle the ups and downs of any industry with calm, effective strategies.




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