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What to Expect in the Psychological Evaluation for Family Planning

by Amy Vigliotti, Ph.D

The anticipation of becoming a parent is a spectrum of emotions including excitement, hesitation, and even vulnerability. If you’ve arrived at family planning with the plan of third-party reproduction efforts, your journey has likely meant confusion, loss, cyclical hope and disappointment, and frustration. Your path has also meant reflective honesty, complicated communication, love, determination, and resilience.

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How to Break the Cycle of Rumination

by Amy Vigliotti, Ph.D

Ruminаtion is like а treаԁmill for the minԁ. For many, it feels like an enԁless loop of reрetitive thoughts аnԁ worries. Getting out of the loop can be much more difficult than pulling the red cord on the stop button. Yet, with the right strategies and support, it is рossible to unhook and detach from our thinking. Understanding Rumination…

The Paradox of Heartbreak | Source: Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash

The Paradox of Heartbreak

by Amy Vigliotti, Ph.D

Feeling the good and the bad after a wanted breakup. Originally published on Psychology Today A divorce or a breakup is seldom easy. The pain brought about by a split can be profound, even for the ones who initiated the separation. The paradox of heartbreak lies in the complexity of human emotions and the intricate nature of relationships. Some might assume that if you wanted the breakup, the pain should be minimal; however, it is not always so simple…

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Understanding Person-Centered Therapy 

by Amy Vigliotti, Ph.D

Person-centered therapy, interchangeably known as client-centered or Rogerian therapy, is rooted in the fundamental belief that individuals inherently possess the capacity for self-actualization and personal growth. A SelfWorks therapist, such as Taylor Ashe, is tasked with creating a nurturing and empathetic environment

Source: Hayley Murray / Unsplash | The Meaning of Progress in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

The Meaning of Progress in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

by Megan Lothian, LCSW

Understanding one’s experience requires time and patience. Written by SelfWorks therapist, Megan Lothian, LCSW There is much pressure societally to define and measure “achievement” and “success.” There is a societal and cultural preference for most things to be quick, easy, and, if possible, painless. Inevitably, these notions of success, and a desire for a painless and quick resolve, appear within therapy. In my experience, people often find themselves in therapy because they have been experiencing “too much,” whether it be acutely in a short amount of time causing overwhelm and anxiety, or in a chronic way, often manifesting in depressive …

TR Photography - Unsplash | Why People-Pleasing Isn't Pleasing Anyone

Why People-Pleasing Isn’t Pleasing Anyone

When you hear the term people-pleaser, what comes to mind? Your friend who puts other people’s wants and needs before their own? A colleague who has trouble saying no while appearing overextended? Perhaps you thought of yourself, bending over backward.

AI in the Mental Health Field Source: Lenin Estrada / Unsplash

AI in the Mental Health Field

by Ran Xu

Benefits, concerns and future potential. Written by SelfWorks therapist, Ran Xu If you’ve seen the animated movie WALL-E, you might remember a scene from a future in which humans are floating on hoverchairs, completely reliant on robots and other machines.

The Hidden Benefits of Working with Pre-Licensed Therapists

The Hidden Benefits of Working with Pre-Licensed Therapists

These days, the process of finding a therapist is like speed dating: you’re usually interviewing several different people at a time, and even when you do click with someone, you’re never 100% sure they’re going to be a good match.

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The Adolescent Mental Health Crisis
Teens are hurting. One therapist’s ideas to help our teens deal productively.

by Megan Lothian, LCSW

The overlap of chronic medical illness, access and equity within healthcare, and traumatic experience have all been top of mind as a psychotherapist. Especially as we are coming off of Mental Health…

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When Good Enough Is More Than Enough
How to let go of perfectionism.

by Amy Vigliotti, Ph.D

A healthy perfectionist is a mythical creature, like a mermaid or a unicorn. While perfectionists are often hard workers…




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