“When I say artist I mean the one who is building things … some with a brush – some with a shovel – some choose a pen.” Jackson Pollock

One definition of mental health is the ability to experience a wide range of emotions fully and deeply. It seems that when one is able to do this, the emergence of art is inevitable.

When we think of the power of creativity, many things come to mind: resiliency; innovation; diversity; imagination; connection; intelligence; and the ability to build something from scratch. Performing and creative artists have the unique role of transforming an inherent creative capacity into a “conversation” between the artwork and its recipient, and between the artist and the viewer. With that position, can come tremendous pressure, public scrutiny, financial fluctuations, and creative blocks.

Our therapists hold an incredible amount of respect for artists. Therapy can be a useful tool for artists who want to be emotionally expressive, authentic and successful in their careers while effectively managing the day-to-day challenges. Cognitive-behavioral techniques can be integrated to help with audition concerns; stage fright and other performance anxieties (e.g., speaking with an editor; preparing for a book reading; opening night at the gallery). Cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic therapies are highly effective at minimizing self-critical thought processes and other self-limiting patterns.

In a psychodynamic treatment, you can expect to explore your inner psychic life and personality traits. Often the goal of the treatment is to go beyond the limits of your own ego and tap into the unconscious place where dreams, fantasies and metaphor intersect. You may also make connections between relational patterns set down in early life that are repeating in your present relationships. Psychodynamic therapy supports artists’ desires to channel deeply personal experiences into their work while regulating difficult emotions and behaviors.





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